Prof.(Dr)Parminder Kaur Saini

Sainik Institute of Management & Technology,


Sainik Institutes are recognized as a state leader in teaching and learning, student relationships and wellbeing. We build a safe social and physical environment that helps all our students learn and succeed.The purpose of education is to teach our children to think and develop a capability to rationale out facts. Students should keep in mind the significance of planning and prioritizing their time and the efficient use of it which are necessary to accomplish success.Students should always think and review – discover the cause and effect of every event, in which they are involved. Be steady in your studies. Learn to enjoy hard work – particularly your studies. Think wisely, think systematically. Always prepare yourself for next day’s lesson. Be very serious and attentive in class. Preserve our heritage and environment for yourself as well as for your next generation. Always be a soldier to defend and preserve our traditions and our territory.

Jai Hind